Floriana Barbu

Floriana Barbu

We had to introduce and give a standing ovation to artwork designer of (most) our covers, lovely Floriana Barbu.


Floriana is professional photography artist, from Romania. She is working with photography and manipulations of it. Some of her lovely work is present in our releases (covers for Loco Suenos EP, Cegado Por Las Luces EP and Mas Dinero Mas Problemas LP). Her covers will also grace some of our future releases!


Please visit Floriana’s website(s) for more of her fantastic work :




HDC releases that were lucky to have their artwork masterfully done by Floriana :


Loco Suenos EP (2010)

Cegado Por Las Luces EP (2010)

Mas Dinero Mas Problemas LP (2012)

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